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Why Do a Discovery?

Why Discovery?

First off, what is a “Discovery”? 

A Discovery is a process that we embark on as a team (that includes you!) to get to know your business better. Website aside, we need to know who are you as a business. That means everything from what your goals are; who your audience is; the information your audience is seeking; how your company operates; what your company culture is; what you project to your audience vs.

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Customizing the WordPress Admin UX Featured Image

Customizing the WordPress Admin UX

It’s no secret that Springboard loves WordPress. We’ve figured out how powerful of a tool it can be when utilized correctly, which is why all of our marketing websites (and most of the smaller e-commerce websites) are built using WordPress. Not only is it mighty, but it also offers a user-friendly admin dashboard that makes it easier for us to hand off to the partner (AKA “the client”) after the website launch without worry on either side.

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Poor Customer Experience – Now What? Featured Image

Poor Customer Experience – Now What?

A poor customer experience hurts deeply, psychologically, financially…imagine how it feels for the customer.

There are many forms of business. Each with their unique operational models, cost structures, audience bases and products or services. One thread that is constantly woven through every type of business (and there’s a lot of types of businesses) is that there is a customer experience.

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The 5 Truths of eCommerce Website Architecture Featured Image

The 5 Truths of eCommerce Website Architecture

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really just a series of educated guesses. It is educated guessing mixed with data-driven decisions that lead to more educated guesses and more data-driven decisions. Fear not though because even within all this guessing remain some basic principles and best practices. The most important SEO consideration for an eCommerce website is the website’s categorical structure / website architecture.

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