The two primary objectives of this engagement are to create a better consumer shopping experience thus increasing the store’s conversion rate, and to create a scalable ecommerce eco-system which can support dramatic growth.


Ecommerce Web Design and Development

Being a new company, Survival Knife Pro required a brand, logo, and a new ecommerce shopping experience. Our team began by researching the audience and identifying the important behaviors, preferences, and factors that drive purchasing decisions. This information was used to create a logo and brand guidelines that help create consistency across all marketing efforts.

Next, we brainstormed user stories to define what the user experience should be on the new ecommerce website. This yielded a list of important functionality and helped to hone messaging that would work to address any fears or concerns a shopper may have while encountering a new brand and deciding whether or not to purchase product from the website. The ultimate goal being that a customer could land on the website, easily find product they want, add it to their cart and checkout with little-to-no distractions or hesitations during the process.

The website was built and developed in Big Commerce using best practices and lean code so as to keep the page load speed quick and the browsing and purchasing of products efficient.

Search Engine Optimization

While building the new user interface, we did extensive keyword research to identify keyword phrases that had a high search volume, low competition, and therefore a space for opportunity. Armed with our keyword research, we began building out topic models to aid in creating content that would support the keywords and make the website relevant for them. Additionally, the team went page by page and touched each product, post and page to optimize them for the search engines. All elements were considered, from the URL’s, meta descriptions and title tags, and so on to making sure the keywords were worked into the page content and photo descriptions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With the new website launched and the content optimized, the team circled back to being optimizing the path to conversion. A conversion in this case is, of course, getting a sale. We identified and setup tracking for each stage of the shopper’s journey. From Home page to Category page, then to a Subcategory page, into a Product Detail page, and finally on to the Cart and Checkout. Reporting at each point helps us determine when or if a customer is dropping off so we can focus on that point and optimize it for a better conversion rate.

Automated Email Marketing Sequences

The onsite shopping experience is by no means where a customer’s journey ends. In fact, a substantial portion of conversions occur due to automated email marketing sequences. For instance, abandoned carts are one area that generate a large portion of profits. Our team set up abandoned cart recovery flows that automatically emails a customer if they leave the site before purchasing items in their cart. Furthermore, we made sure to tailor each of the flows to consider the products in the cart as well as their recent activity on the site.

Collecting a consumer’s email address is incredibly valuable because it allows us to get in front of that individual and remind them to come shop our products. Because of this, our team strategized and implemented popup windows that ask the shopper to share their email address in return for various incentives based on where they are on the website and the information they are likely seeking at that point. Automated email sequences are then triggered to keep them engaged with our brand and interested in browsing our products.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

The Survivalist culture is a very active and opinionated group of individuals. Being engaged socially is imperative to becoming a genuine brand that understands the customer and offers products that serve as solutions to the survival community’s needs. Our team maintains an active social presence and seeks to learn from the conversations that are occurring around survival training, survival gear, and especially the survival knives that are a key tool to being self reliant in an outdoor situation.


  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • On-page SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Advertising