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web design is much more than just pretty colors. 

Your web design can be the first impression you leave with potential customers. As your Indianapolis web design partner, it’s our job to make sure the experience is designed with as much care and attention as the aesthetics.


Your website is a tool, and like any other business resource, it must be tailored for effectiveness. Just as your business is unique, so must your website be.

The Springboard team understands there’s so much more, outside of web design, to creating a successful website. Of course we want your site to look good, but there are numerous layers to an effective website. It is our belief that your website is the central resource that must attract prospects, engage visitors, convert customers, and nurture clients. 

Success, for some websites, means getting a sale (eCommerce web design). For others, however, the purpose is to market the company, build brand recognition, strengthen credibility and position themselves as thought-leaders by being an industry resource. Others still identify the website’s purpose as attracting leads at some point during the sales process. 

It is crucial that our team understands your website’s purpose from the very beginning so that every web design decision made along the way works to support the goal, bring value to your visitors, and impact to your business.


For your website to be effective, it must serve the needs of your visitors. This may be difficult for some to understand, but your website is not for you. You see, your website is actually for your audience – or soon to be clients.

At Springboard, we believe your website begins and ends with putting the visitor first and delivering to them the information they seek as quickly and efficiently as possible so they will convert from a visitor to a lead – and eventually become your client. We understand this takes an in-depth understanding of your audience and their peculiar needs. But, we also know this will set you apart from the rest of the pack and is the very thing that will give your site its necessary value.

That’s why we start with building audience personas to understand their motivations, fears and concerns and we use these throughout the website build. If it is unclear who that is, we may recommend a discovery to identify your audience, purpose, key messaging and other foundational elements that set the stage for success. After that, we plan the website creation by identifying, in order, what that will bring the most value to your visitor and get them on the way to becoming your client. 

Lead Generation Website Design

A lead generation website has a clear purpose – to convert customers into sales-ready leads. It sounds simple, but there’s actually a lot to consider with this objective and our team loves to tackle the challenges. We intentionally craft your website design to consider all stages of the marketing funnel and provide a clear path for your visitors to convert.

After the sales-ready lead is delivered, we can help integrate these valuable contacts into your conversion relationship management (CRM) software and set up workflows to continue nurturing the relationship. With a lead generation website, it’s important to understand where marketing efforts end and the sales process begins. The transition must be seamless for your visitor and we take great care to plan out that pivotal moment so nothing stands in the way of you and your leads.


A marketing website works to establish a brand, build credibility and communicate your unique selling proposition to visitors so they are affirmed in their decision to work with your company. Springboard takes great care in working with your marketing team to create brand consistency and build on the hard work you have already done by implementing the key messaging and aesthetics you already have established. Your website is an extension of the numerous other marketing efforts you are likely doing and we want to make sure it fits perfectly among those and tells the same story in a different and compelling way.

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