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The information that customers consume on social media while researching solutions to their problems impacts their purchasing decisions.

What people say about your brand is the new word-of-mouth, and because of this, businesses need to know how to court their target audiences using their digital assets. The process to accomplish social media marketing is two fold with content promotion and social media engagement.


Content promotion

Social networks are vital to the success of social media marketing efforts, and with content promotion, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are used predominantly to distribute links back to content on your brand’s website. Content can be anything from videos, eBooks, PDF downloads, infographics, photos, and blog posts just to name a few. Creating content is half the battle because after we’ve created the consumer-valuable content, we need to optimize it. This means naming the files in a way that make it easily found. We, of course, do keyword research to find the perfect balance of high search volume and topic relevance so we can get the most value out of your content.

Once we create and publish the fully optimized and consumer-valuable content, we then market it to influencers within the given niche spaces – or places online that we have identified as ‘hangouts’ which is a tandem effort of traditional outreach along with paid social promotion to increase reach and responsiveness. This results in authoritative persons and publications promoting this content to add clout to your brand and product. Imagine writing a highly-optimized, highly-targeted piece of content about your product/service and having an industry leader retweet it, share it with their Facebook Fans and/or place it and link to it on their blog!

Remember, in order for consumers to buy from your brand they must fall in love with it which is why a referral is more powerful than self-promotion because people perceive it as being more honest and without ulterior motive. Not only do we add value with our content promotion efforts, we also add value as quality content brings prospects to your brand’s site, by developing a relationship with your prospects and nurturing them with social engagement towards a lead conversion or purchase.


Social engagement

Once the content promotion plan has been put into motion, the next step in your social media marketing plan is to implement a social engagement strategy to further fuel promotion within these industry-specific online communities. When operating your social media marketing campaigns, we operate inside of Facebook, inside of Pinterest, inside of Twitter, etc.

As we produce content, we place it inside of these networks. In social engagement, your content is built to fit the context of the chosen social platform whether with contests or quizzes for Facebook; short messages with 140 characters range for Twitter. While both social engagement and content promotion can be used for a multitude of purposes, social engagement generally tends to focus on two main goals.

First, social engagement is for brand awareness, generating activity and discussion around the brand and even the content. Social engagement includes identifying influencers to include them and creating brand awareness conversations with them to further push out that valuable content. It’s at this phase that we work at building a rapport with these individuals to create lifelong brand advocates and customers. It’s all about that word-of-mouth thing again. Secondly, social engagement is used for customer retention and satisfaction. Brands can use social promotion channels as an open forum for discussions with customers, around questions or issues that consumers may have.

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Typical channels we promote through might be the obvious Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest, though it’ll also be forums, blogs, and other targeted websites that already have a healthy following by your audiences. This is where the real skill and work can make a huge difference.

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