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Our Approach

make money by making you money

A minimum engagement of $25,000.

If your online retail store is generating anywhere from $1M – $10M, this number shouldn’t scare you. In fact, you probably realize that our team of experts needs time to get to know you and your business, in and out. It’s an investment that gives us time to transfer knowledge, earn your trust and build a profitable partnership.


Discovering Your Business

We begin our partnerships by getting to know all that we can about your online retail business.

  • what are your product lines?
  • where are your products manufactured?
  • what is your purchase order lead time?
  • which products offer more profit margin or market share?
  • who are your target customers?
  • who are your best customers (whales)?
  • what are your current customer acquisition channels?
  • which acquisition channels are most profitable?
  • what percentage of your revenue comes from email campaigns?
  • what percentage of your revenue comes from email automated flows?
  • how are you doing customer service?
  • what is your fulfillment model?


A Unique Plan

We are well aware that each department of your ecommerce business is interconnected; marketing, customer service, merchandising, fulfillment, IT systems and finance. Being online storeowners ourselves, we are able to execute plans and strategies with a mindful, holistic perspective of your entire business operations eco-system.

We also don’t pretend to know things we don’t, so the more we know about your entire operation, the more effective we’re able to increase your profits by attracting more visitors, converting those visitors to customers and retaining your customers to ensure a greater lifetime value (LTV).

Once we’ve become familiar with your business and we’ve clearly understood your points of pain, we’ll assemble a custom solution to attain your goals.


Our Average Order Value (AOV)

Our average engagements cover a broad spectrum from working with an etailer solely on an organic customer acquisition campaign to helping a brick and mortar retailer build their entire ecommerce ecosystem.

That said, our AOV is around $8,999.95 a month and our engagements are part fixed fee and ongoing monthly fees.


Your Ecommerce Team

Your ecommerce team is comprised of creatives, marketers, analysts, designers, writers, SEO-ers, PPC-ers, photographers and yes, even project managers. Being that we need each of these valuable resources to service our own internet retail brands/stores, the team is assembled and ready to help yours!



At Springboard, we believe that good internet marketing looks different for every company and that it must prove its value by increasing sales. And we truly love to help craft good internet marketing strategies that work for our partners. That is our purpose. That's why we show up everyday.

So now what is your company’s purpose? Why do you do what you do? We love to work with partners that are just as passionate about the work they do. If you don’t know – or maybe have a hard time articulating it – we get it. However, it’s pretty important to us that we come to understand your purpose.  

We may recommend a discovery to identify your audience, purpose, key messaging and other foundational elements that set the stage for success.

Success, for some websites, means getting a sale (e-commerce). For others, however, the purpose is to build brand recognition, strengthen credibility and position the company as thought-leaders by being an industry resource.

It is crucial that our team understands your website’s purpose from the very beginning so that every web design decision made along the way works to support the goal.



Let’s talk about our approach and show you how we do what we do and how excited we get. You’ll be invited along for the ride and involved in each step of the way.

The Springboard team understands that a website is a complex tool that must integrate with existing business processes. Therefore, our approach begins with seeking understanding around all of the moving parts that interact with your website. After that, the real fun begins.

Our approach to web design is quite unique and specifically designed to keep you engaged during the process. We use an Adaptive Creative Method (ACM) that identifies the major aspects of your website and tackles them one at a time.

We’ll start with the wireframes, and then turn to focusing on both the design and the development of each major element of your site. Once we’ve collectively reviewed the design of the current focal point, we’ll then turn our attention to the development and functional components of that same element in our subsequent presentation meeting. We’ll follow this interactive format as we progress through the creation of the entire site.



We love our partners. We work closely together to not only create an amazing website for you, but also to get to know you and your business. You become part of our work-family.

Websites are becoming more and more integral to the success of a business. In the case of e-commerce websites, the website accounts for nearly 100% of the financial income generated. So, the stakes are pretty high when it comes to performance and delivering impact.

Understandably, trust is a huge factor when partnering with a company to build, maintain, and market your website. But, trust is something that is earned so we build relationships with our Partners to strengthen that and foster open communication around the success of your website. For us, the relationship is the most important aspect to consider when deciding to partner on a web design project. If the relationship is solid, the work and results will follow.


Let's connect, learn more about each other, and talk about making you some money.

Results of Our Impact

Their Success Can Be Your

As we partner with you, we first seek to understand the unique characteristics of your business and the value you provide your customers. We analyze your target audience, define their preferences and what information they are seeking. We then put the proverbial pen to the pad and create a unique web design that represents your business, features your specialized offerings and engages your target audience.

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Your website can play a vital role in influencing and driving sales by simply being found by shoppers in search engines. More than 89% of consumers use search engines to research products before buying. We live for SEO that ensures your ecommerce store is viewed favorably by Google to make you more easily found when consumers are shopping on search engines.