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Website & SEO Audit

How do you stack up to the competition?


Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. Gain a better understanding of your website’s health with our FREE website audit. Likewise, our FREE SEO audit will show you how the search engines view your website and will highlight areas for improvement.


The three most important things in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are good content, a well-constructed website, and high-value backlinks. Our SEO Audit will provide grades for these and other elements that contribute to good SEO.

An SEO Audit is most helpful when done right after a redesign, before embarking on the creation of a new website, as a periodic check-in to maintain relevancy, or to identify a very specific problem with the search engines.

Our FREE SEO Audit, while helpful, is a quick snapshot of your website’s health and by no means replaces a comprehensive, personalized SEO audit. It takes experience and years of industry knowledge to analyze the information and understand the steps necessary to taking your site to the next level.

But again, sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, and our FREE SEO Audit clues you into those things that can help improve your SEO.

View an example of our FREE SEO Audit.


A Website Audit is helpful if you find yourself wondering why traffic to your site has dropped off, if your call-to-actions are no longer getting qualified leads, or to be better prepared when planning for a new website.

How quickly does your website load? How does your website perform on mobile and tablet devices? Does your website have broken links, spelling errors, is it generating 404’s? Our Website Audit will highlight the technical areas of your site that can benefit from improvement to make the user experience better and help increase conversions.

View an example of our FREE Website Audit.

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As your Indianapolis digital marketing partner, we first seek to understand the unique characteristics of your online retail business and the value you provide your customers. We analyze your target audience, define their preferences and what information they are seeking while visiting your website. We then craft a unique ecommerce experience that represents your products, features your specialized offerings, engages your target audience and converts them into valuable customers.

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