3 Ways to Drive Revenue with Email Capture Windows

Posted August 13, 2018 by   in Content Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing

If you have ever used the internet, you are probably no stranger to email capture pop-up windows. These are the seemingly annoying windows that interrupt your online shopping experience to offer you a discount in return of submitting your email address and agreeing to be adding to the company’s subscriber list. Some of these online retailers offer large discounts for simply entering your email address (some even up to 50% Off your purchase), which (to me) seems well worth the price of my email address.

Pop-up windows aren’t just great for the visitors; they are a win-win situation for both the customer and the online retail owner. If you are an online retail owner, these pop-up windows are a great way to grow your subscriber list and fill your bottom line.

If you are operating an online store and are not taking advantage of email capture windows, you are missing out on a substantial amount of sales. Email capture prompts are the fuel to any email campaigns – which can account for up to 25% of your total online store revenue (if your email marketing efforts are driving those results, let’s chat). So if you are interested in building your own email capture windows or looking to increase your ROI on existing pop-ups, keep reading for 3 ways to drive revenue with email capture windows.



Offering a discount in the email capture pop-up window is great for two reasons. Presenting a discount within the pop-up directly impacts and increases sales as well as increases the number of email addresses captured.

The improvement in the amount of sales is due to the increased incentive to buy. When the visitor is presented with a discount code, they will be more inclined to make a purchase – so they do not miss out on the opportunity to save money.

Additionally, offering a discount will increase the number of email addresses captured. In its simplest form, an email capture window is a trade. The visitor is willing to give you their email address and expects something of greater or equal value in return. Unless the visitor is a brand loyal customer, they probably won’t see much value in subscribing to your list just to be ‘kept up on all recent news.’ Unlike a discount offer that can be translated to actual currency. The visitor will understand a monetary value in submitting their email address and think of the ‘trade’ as getting something for free.



Acquiring the email address is just the first step in increasing sales. Hopefully, you have already increased your sales by receiving additional purchases from visitors wanting to immediately take advantage of the discount code. Great! But there’s more…

Since you are now growing your subscription list exponentially, you can start sending promotional emails to your entire list. Generic promotional emails are a great way to massively promote new products, advertise sitewide sales, and offer limited time discounts for those on the subscription list.

To give you an idea on how powerful promotional emails can be, 77% of customers prefer to receive promotional messages via email – as opposed to text, direct mail, phone call, etc. In addition to people generally preferring promotional emails, consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers. In summary, people want emails and are going to spend more money when you send them some.



So your email capture windows have allowed you to increase sales immediately on your website, and they have been feeding your subscription list to increase promotional email sales, but there is still more…

Email capture windows can directly assist you in creating data-driven, dynamically created, customer segmented email funnels. Email funnels are automated money making machines that can pull ‘personalized’ information into custom-made templates and sent to specific individuals based on data that was collected from the customer engaging with the email capture window.



A welcome funnel is critical to create when implementing email capture windows. Welcome emails are extremely effective and generate (on average) 320% more revenue is per email compared to other promotional emails.



Another revenue driving email funnel to create from data collected by implementing email capture windows is an abandoned cart funnel. These funnels are a series of emails that can be sent to visitors (whose email address you have collected) based on their behavior of abandoning a full cart without purchasing. In fact, an average of 70% of consumers abandon their carts without purchasing. If you do not have the data (email addresses) to reach back out to these visitors in an attempt to complete the sale – you are out of luck. But with the ability to create an abandoned cart funnel from email capture windows, you can successfully convert about 30% of those abandoned carts.



By building your email lists and constantly gathering data through email capture windows, you are able to create countless email funnels that will improve your sales. Other email funnels such as browse abandonment, first-purchase thank you and frequent customer are other possibilities while improving your email marketing efforts.




In summary, it is absolutely critical to implement email capture windows if you are an online retail owner. There are countless ways to drive revenue through their use, and these are just the top three. If you are a little overwhelmed with where to start on creating your email capture pop-ups or how to create successful promotional emails and email funnels, let us help!