4 Myths About WordPress, and Why They’re Bullshit

Posted January 31, 2014 by   in Web Design, Web Design Strategy

There seems to be a lot of myths surrounding the usage of WordPress. Being someone that develops sites for and works with WordPress every day, I get particularly frustrated when these misconceptions show up. I feel the need to try and dispel some of them, and so, here are four of some of the most common myths I’ve heard.

Only for Blogs

This is by far the most prevalent myth regarding WordPress, and it’s really just based on outdated information. When WordPress 3.0 was released in 2010, it was really the launch of a new era for WordPress, an era of Custom Post Types. Between that, Custom Taxonomies, Custom Fields, and just how extensible WordPress is, we are able to build a WordPress site to do virtually anything! The platform is now a full CMS, not just blogging software.

Can’t Handle Large Amount of Content

I call SO many shenanigans on this! Personal experience tells me this is crap. We’ve built sites with thousands of pieces of content, and never have a problem handling it. WordPress’s extensibility also helps here. A plugin like CMS Page Tree View makes it much simpler to view a large site’s page tree and keep everything organized.

Themes Have to be Used

FALSE! Ok, so there are quite a few great themes out there, and if all you need is a quicky site out with some blogging and some pages, then great! But chances are, you need more than that. You need a solution to help your business, and themes fall short of that. Custom development comes in there, and that is what we do. I hate the theme mentality, just throw a theme on the WordPress install, slap a logo on it and you’re done. No. Just, no.

To truly have an impact, you don’t want a theme. It’s generic, there are 500 other sites that look exactly the same, and it doesn’t do what you actually need. Getting a website custom designed and developed with WordPress is just as easy as any other method, but is so much more beneficial, so why not?

WordPress is Unsecure

No system is perfect, let me just get that out of the way right up front. None. Now here’s the deal though, there’s a reason why Windows machines are targeted by viruses so much more than Apple computers. The reason being, there are simply are more of them. It’s the same with WordPress. So many sites around the world use WordPress, attackers target it more. That doesn’t mean there is an inherit insecurity with WordPress. If a user follows good security practices, chances are they will never have a problem.

Those practices include:

  • Not using the ‘admin’ username.
  • Creating strong, secure passwords
  • Running regular site backups
  • Keeping WordPress and plugins up to date

Just like any system, when properly set up, WordPress can handle just about anything you throw at it: e-commerce, portfolios, memberships, blogs, product catalogs and more. Now that the WordPress myths have been debunked, check out why we believe A WordPress Site is Better Than a Traditional Website.