4 Things You Should Know About Klaviyo

Posted September 14, 2017 by   in Content Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing

It’s no secret that we love Klaviyo. It’s one of the most powerful ecommerce email marketing tools available. We use it when marketing ecommerce stores and think all ecommerce stores should be using it. When used right, it can have a large impact on conversion rates, average order values, customer retention, and more. Below are 4 features you should know about Klaviyo.

Unlimited Targeting Capabilities

With Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation and seamless integration, your users will receive emails that are highly targeted to them. These emails from your store can be based on what they products they viewed, purchased, how much they spent, and many other possibilities. Segments can be built using behavioral or transactional data and flows can be targeted based on specific events and conditions so that all of your ecommerce email marketing is precise and relevant. These segments also update automatically in real-time, which cuts down time on maintaining lists. All of these capabilities make it easy to setup your email automations including Browse Abandonment, Cart Abandonment, and Welcome Series, knowing that they’re going to the correct users.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

While most ecommerce email marketing platforms only track opens, clicks, plus some sales data, Klaviyo reports on so much more. These reports include revenue generated by email marketing campaigns and flows, event trends (orders, subscribes, etc.), shifts in customer behavior, list & segment growth, and more. This detailed reporting functionality offered by Klaviyo allows insight into when things are going well and even when a campaign or flow needs to be adjusted to achieve better results.

Fully Customizable

Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop email designer makes designing really engaging emails easy; no developer required. Blocks such as images, product feeds, text, and dynamic blocks can be dragged, dropped and customized to match your ecommerce store’s brand. This allows you to pull in order details, contents of the user’s cart and product recommendations to create a tailor-made email for every single user ensuring that your email gets noticed.

Easy Integrations

In order to gather and assess all data related to your ecommerce store and its consumers, all of your tools & third-party apps must be properly synced. Klaviyo integrates with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento and many more. It also integrates with popular marketing tools, payments, points of sale software, email list tools, CRM platforms, helpdesk software and non-profit platforms. With such an extensive list of integrations, it’s easy to get all of your tools connected in a seamless way. Klaviyo also offers API for developers to use to integrate other third-party tools, if the pre-built integration does not exist.

There are so many other features that Klaviyo offers to really step up your game with ecommerce email marketing. Ready to get started? You can try Klaviyo for free!