4 Ways Advertising Will Breathe New Life into Your Current Lead Generation

Posted November 2, 2015 by   in Facebook, Google, Marketing Statistics, Marketing Strategy, PPC, Social Media

This year eMarketer approximates digital ad spend will increase 16.7%, accumulating to $140.15 billion which for the first time exceeds 25% of all ad spending.

How is your business handling this transition? How much does your business make with paid advertising on channels such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Have you made strides with you advertising efforts or are you still mystified as to how to breathe new life into your lead generation tactics and advertising channels?

In order to get the most out of a channel, businesses have to have a coordinated strategy for all channels. They have to have the knowledge of how to select channels, run ads, target audiences and refine for best results. This article takes a look at marketing tips, and techniques to market itself within each unique paid advertising channel effectively.

Multi Ad Channels

Is your business currently paying for top of the funnel consumers to see your display ads on Google? While this branding-oriented campaign with Google may have users on display network pages browsing through information and decently converting, recent research says split your ad budget between multiple channels to take advantage of the multi ad tactics available on each channel. Gartner Research points out, “lead management campaigns integrating more digital channels will outperform single channel campaigns by 300%”. Ask yourself what other ad channels your business should be capitalizing on with display ads. Perhaps Facebook display ads should be considered as an additional option to Google because of their collection of personal data used to target more specifically.

Multi Ad Types

Once you start to see new life, how else can you breathe additional life into your current lead generation tactics to increase ROI? In addition to considering multi ad channels consider multi ad types on each channel, more specifically, in addition to display ads, consider remarketing. Remarketing, whether conducted through the Google Display Network or Facebook, is a great addition to your display ads because it allows your business to show ads to users who have already visited the site while browsing around the web. Remarketing is great for increasing brand awareness and can dramatically maximize your ROI.

Ad Targets

After you’ve selected your ad channels and the types of advertisements your company is putting their efforts into, consider the targeting nuisances in each potential channel and ad type. Let’s use the Google and Facebook display advertisements example from above to discuss potential targeting allowances. While Facebook also allows for demographic targeting and location targeting like Google, recently Facebook display ads have gained on Google display ads, and particularly Facebook custom audiences plays a major role in that improvement. Custom audience targeting allows you to target users similar to the ones you’ve uploaded into the custom audience. For example, you can upload your website visitors while concurrently sifting interests most important to your business. In this scenario, we strongly recommend you transfer some budget to Facebook to create “lookalike” audiences to expand your reach while still running Google display ads. Always consider what additional targeting abilities are available on each advertising channel to achieve the best bang for your buck.

Refine for Best Results

Instead of display advertisements or remarketing advertisements that target top/middle of the funnel, let’s discuss PPC advertisements that reach potential customers who are further along in the buying cycle. PPC marketers target keywords that specify where your ad should appear unfortunately not all use negative keywords, which are search terms you don’t want your ads to show for. This will assist with your ROI. For example, say you own a real estate company and focus on new homes in Indianapolis, however you don’t sell rental homes, so you would include rental homes as a negative keyword. In the event that someone searches for rental homes in Indianapolis, your advertisement will not display in the search results. This is great for eliminating irrelevant ad placements. When you build your plan you have to test and refine it for best results. Possible changes may be made in many areas such as keyword targets, location, time of day, ad copy, bidding and landing page, among others. Testing all these components and reassessing where needed will determine the success of the advertising campaign.

When you play in the paid ad space, you’re out snipin’ leads or prospects with the right paid ad channel and the corresponding message so you need to be aware of the ins and outs of each and every ad channels ability to bring the full value. When your business aligns your ad channels and ad goals you will be generating new life into your lead flow. The above are just a few of the many tactics you can implement to help increase the leads you’re bringing in, as well as the quality of the leads. Does your advertising team need our team to educate them on platform specific marketing strategies to bring new life into your current lead generation? Our advertising team would love to help!