4 Ways Email Marketing Brings Foot Traffic to Your Garden Center

Posted December 7, 2015 by   in Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

Don’t you love seeing new and past customers come into your garden center? It is the best way to show off your products and get people inspired with what they can do, in and around their home!

Email Marketing can be a great way to give customers an incentive to come in and also keep them updated on what is going on in the store. Studies show that 80% of shoppers engage with a retailer through digital channels before going to a store. Why not give them that extra push to come in and experience your garden center for themselves?

Check out these 4 ways to increase your foot traffic through email marketing.


1. Showcasing New Inventory

We did a campaign for Altum’s called “Fresh off the Truck” with a specific email that features fresh product being delivered that day. The email included photos of the product and also pricing for a quick at-a-glance experience. The customers were able to get real-time email updates of new garden products. The emails previewed their quality products and created urgency for customers while it’s fresh and in stock.




2. Promote Workshops

Workshops are educational and hands-on classes for customers to attend at the Garden Center. By promoting them through email, we are able to engage customers and prompt them to register for the classes directly from their inbox. Workshops are most popular during holidays and early summer and allow for customers to get an insider touch on trends and unique garden ideas.




3. Give Special Offers & Discounts

The best way to get customers in is with showing sales and sale prices. People enjoy receiving a deal and showcasing great product that is tied to a sale does the job! “Hurry in While Supplies Last” or “Limited Quantities” are ways to create urgency on unique products.

With White Oak Gardens, we promoted a sale on Bloomerang Lilacs that started with a Thursday email and was planning to be promoted through the weekend. By Friday morning, the entire inventory of stock had been sold due to the high volume. The sale was great and the email hit their inboxes at the perfect time.




4. Promote Snapshot Gardening

Snapshot Gardening promotes customers/employee engagement and taking advantage of their expertise. This is one of the many differentiators between a Garden Center and a large box store – expertise. With Snapshot Gardening, we are able to promote that the garden center is open for consultation and expert advice.


There are countless ways to entice customers and increase foot traffic, but these are our favorites that we have seen work first hand! What are some of your tips?