5 Ecommerce Website Design Trends in 2017

Posted June 16, 2017 by   in eCommerce Website, User Experience, Web Design


Ecommerce is a huge business these days and the Ecommerce industry continues to grow. As the industry grows, it’s important to keep up with what’s happening to stay relevant. Here are the top 5 Ecommerce website design trends for 2017. Overall, the biggest trend is seamless user experience and every trend really always stem from that.

1. Colors

Color is always an incredibly important element is Ecommerce website design. Pantone announced that Greenery is the color of 2017. It is refreshing and bold! As we move through 2017, we see bold, bright colors. Gradients are also making a comeback. Audiences want to see bright and they want to see colors that really pop.

However, with color, you always want to keep your target audience in mind and how it works with your brand. Bold, bright colors may not be for everyone, and they may not align with the brand you’ve created.



2. Conversational Interfaces

“Chatbot” is one of the hottest terms in the Ecommerce website design industry right now. Chatbot technology has been integrated into consumer apps for quite some time and they assist the user allowing for an overall better user experience.



3. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are subtle animations that play a role in the UX design, especially on mobile devises. We typically engage in thousands of microinteractions every time we use our apps.

Micro-interactions are simple, single-use moments that perform a basic function. Like adjusting a particular setting or controlling a single feature: hitting ‘like’, for instance, or pulling down to refresh.


Want to learn more about microinteractions?

4. Animation and Cinemagraphs

Animations, GIFs and cinemagraphs can create a unforgettable user experience!

A cinemagraph is really still image where a small area has been added where the animation happens. The effect is a mini-video experience, but more subtle than an animated GIF. Time will tell if cinemagraphs boost engagement and conversions or if they are just a fad.

ecommerce-website design trend - cinemagraph example
ecommerce website design trend - cinemagraph example

5. Cohesive Experiences

Web Design is Mobile Design

For 2017, turn that idea on its head. For many online stores, most site visitors (if not most customers) will use mobile devices to shop. This means that websites will be designed for mobile and made responsive or adaptive for larger screens. Ecommerce website designers will think of the site in its mobile form.

“From my phone, to my watch, to desktop, tablet, and VR. This year, we’ll continue to iterate on how, where, and on what device people will be using the software we build.”

Ever since Google changed the algorithm to eliminate non-mobile friendly websites from the mobile search results, responsiveness has become the biggest trend. This is especially true for eCommerce, the studies show that mobile eCommerce in the US had about 30% of the market in 2015 and much more worldwide. The numbers continue to grow rapidly. In this context responsive approach has become the most efficient solution.