5 Holiday Emails You Need to Send

Posted September 26, 2018 by   in Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy

The holidays seem to come quicker every year and as an email marketer, you have to be on top of each and every one of them. Each holiday has the potential to bring invaluable sales and when fall rolls around you better be prepared! The fall and winter seasons are jam-packed with all of our favorite holidays; including some, you may not know of! Sending holiday emails during this time of year is so important because just one campaign could bring your company out of the red and into the black. So, to help you get organized, we have put together a list of the 5 most critical holiday emails you need to send.






Halloween kicks off the major shopping season with a bang. Even though most people don’t see Halloween as a major shopping holiday, this time of year is when everyone starts emptying their pockets for all the things they wanted to buy earlier in the year. Even some early bird Christmas shoppers have their eyes peeled around this time of year because this is when all the good sales start happening.

Halloween is a great time to advertise your newer products and offer better discounts than you typically offer. Don’t offer your maximum discounts yet but definitely make it worthwhile for your shoppers to take part in the sale. Overall, Halloween is best at keeping your customers engaged with your upcoming holiday emails.






There is some debate on whether or not it is a good idea to have big sales on Thanksgiving day. But most of us will likely be on our phones intermittently during Turkey Day anyway because we can only handle aunt Judy in 30-minute intervals. Exclusive Thanksgiving holiday emails are a great way to keep those warmed up customers engaged and convert your online sales. Especially if you are an eCommerce business, you should be sending Thanksgiving day holiday emails. At the very least, you should be using Thanksgiving day to advertise your Black Friday deals.

Which brings us to the biggest holiday of them all (when it comes to business sales)…





If you own a business that does any type of sales whatsoever, you should be sending Black Friday holiday emails. This is your time to shine! Every shopper is scouring search engines, social sites and their inboxes for the best Black Friday deals. Give it your all, be clever with your subject lines, don’t hold back on the designs and offer the best discounts on your products as possible. Black Friday is one of the most competitive days to be a marketer so plan accordingly for this one and above all, STAND OUT.

You will be one of the many marketers flooding your customers’ inboxes with holiday emails. Make sure you are making it worth while for your recipients to not only open your holiday emails but to click and purchase! Use small amounts of copy, highlight your most popular products, and make sure the design is responsive so they are formatting correctly on all devices.






Cyber Monday is a holiday not all marketers know about. It’s not a holiday a lot of shoppers know about either. In recent years, awareness has been spreading about this holiday has been increasing but it is still relatively new. With the increase in online stores, there was the birth of Cyber Monday (and Cyber Wednesday) where online retailers offer their cutthroat discounts in an effort to convert sales and rise to the black. Cyber Monday is the biggest email marketing day of the year and if you own an eCommerce store, you should be taking part in the Cyber Monday sale!






Free shipping day is the last leg of eCommerce holiday emails. This day is for the last minute online shoppers who have procrastinated until the 15th to do their shopping. This is the last day to shop and receive packages on time for Christmas. So a great way to convert these last-minute online shoppers is to offer free shipping.

The exact date for this holiday is undefined and companies will often run these sales at different times due to their shipping practices. If you typically offer a promised 5-7 day shipping policy then you should be alright to send holiday emails offering Free Shipping guaranteed by Christmas. However, if your shipping policy is typically 7-14 days you should be sending your Free Shipping emails a little earlier to ensure each customer will receive their order on time for Christmas. Lastly, make sure you specify the location of your Free Shipping. Are you only offering Free Shipping in the states? If so, make sure your customers are aware of the details in the email. Don’t confuse your customers and give your employees anymore reason to stress around this time of year!




If you prepare properly and take part in sending these key holiday emails your company will see high rates of return this season. The best thing to keep in mind as a marketer around this time of year is to stay competitive and stand out! If you are a little overwhelmed with your holiday emails, let us help!