5 Tips for Great Social Media Content for Garden Centers

Posted July 13, 2016 by   in Branding, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Social Media

Many garden centers are successful with their social media marketing content when they involve their consumers by helping them and speaking to their interests in creative ways. But how does your Garden Center reach success with social media marketing content too?

Here are 5 tips (using examples) for developing your social media content.

1. Create a Facebook Contest

Create a contest giveaway that encourages followers to tag a friend and like your page! This is a great way to spread brand awareness and also showcase some of your product(s). In this example, we gave away a Butterfly Garden and also promoted the giveaway through email. In 2 short days, the contest got 160 friend tags and page likes, 225 likes and 55 shares.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.24.44 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.26.24 AM

2. Provide your followers/fan with specials incentivizing them to share.

Check out this great Fan Favorite example where this particular Garden Center asked customers to take a photo of themselves and submit. Along with that, they’ve ask that the consumers encourage their friends to like their photo submission as well. This post received a total of 731 engagements on Facebook.

3. Talk to their wants.

Everybody loves container gardening so tell your potential consumers and loyal customers about the seasonal plant process for container gardening. For example the following post about succulent container gardens was pinned 6249 times and received 12 Facebook shares and 81 likes. #winningsucculent container gardening











4. Talk to their needs (not just their wants).

Help the DIYers solve their gardening problems by assisting in their endeavors. For example, two of our partner’s have a great service called, “Snapshot Gardening Consultation”. Say a customer can’t get something to grow in a certain area of their yard – they should take a picture of that unsightly area, upload it to the Garden Centers website and they’ll suggest a plan for transformation. Or maybe they have a part of their yard they would like to screen with shrubbery, but they’re unsure of where to start, that’s where Snapshot Gardening comes into play too!snapshot-gardening


5. Share beautiful plant or landscape photos.

Invest time into getting images of your freshest products. Consumers love brands that post these photographic content on their social media channels. These photos will surely generate ‘shares’. Those shares are what leads to awareness and awareness is the first part of the marketing funnel.


Since we understand that garden centers are run by plant people learning about marketing, we want to help with the marketing part. Reach out to us if you’ve been looking for help in innovating your digital marketing channels with fresh ideas.