5 Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service for your eCommerce Store

Posted October 3, 2016 by   in eCommerce Website, Social Media, User Experience

The customer service role requires knowledge on nearly all aspects of your business and the passion to serve every customer with a WOW experience.

Your customer service team is your first line of contact with the customers, being that first contact is a great responsibility as it sets the tone for what the customer should expect. Proper training can be a major difference in how a customer can perceive your eCommerce store. The customer service team should have extensive knowledge on anything from current inventory, product information, policy changes and more. No customer wants to be bounced around from person to person getting what should be simple questions answered, requiring a customer to sit through all of that can be embarrassing to the store as a whole and can often lead the customer to feel less than optimistic about doing business with you.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can start providing excellent customer service for your eCommerce store:

Embrace a Customer Service Culture.

Training is critical don’t get me wrong, but the difference maker is embracing a culture centered around customer service. There will come a time when a customer service team member does not have an answer to a customer problem, and that is when the culture will come into play. Embracing a culture of great customer service will lead to passionate team members who go above and beyond to help every customer. Making a customer feel valued while dealing with a problem will almost always lead to returning business. Personally I will pay more for a product if I can trust the company I am doing business with, and this trust can easily be established through past interactions with customer service. The culture starts at the top and extends through all facets of the company, it is not just the customer service team that must care about the customers but every single employee.

Live Chat Support

With how fast the world moves today people do not want to wait for answers nor should they. If you are running an eCommerce store that does not offer live chat you are currently being left in the dust. Offering live chat support is a great way for customers to interact with your team. Is possible always have a team member readily available to answer incoming chat inquiries, getting the answer to quick simple questions will let the customer continue to shop without interruption. The customer is at your store looking at different products and the last thing you want them to do is leave the store because they couldn’t get a simple question answered quickly. Chat can handle any number of requests like shipping timeframe, “upselling” products, and again general product questions. Using live chat will inevitably lead to a more productive and consistent customer service team.

Offer 24-hour Phone Support

Let’s face it, in todays world people don’t really enjoy picking up the phone and making a call. It can be time consuming, awkward, and frustrating if dealing with language barriers or accents. On top of all that calling someone just for the call to go to voicemail can be extremely annoying. When making a phone call these days you expect someone to answer, answering phones during business hours just doesn’t cut it when dealing with customers from all around the world. That is why 24/7 phone support is critical to the success of your customer service team and the business overall. Talking to an automated machine can be beyond frustrating at times and depending on what service used can lead to poor customer satisfaction. 24/7 phone support will put your customers at ease knowing they are talking to a human that cares and can properly help them with any problem or question they have.

Write an Easy-to-Understand Returns Policy

Making sure your customers are comfortable with their purchase is a top priority. Buying online can leave customers somewhat worried about what to expect when dealing with a store they have never done business with and or buying products they haven’t used before. A well written return policy can help ease that potential for regret and will instead provide a sense of comfort about returning the product if it does not live up to their expectations.

Customer Service through Social Media

 Offering customer support through social media is becoming more important by the day. Every business should have multiple media channels active and should expect customer interaction through those channels. More and more customers use social media to stay in touch with their favorite brands/business. You should expect your customers to reach out using social media and when they do integrating those channels with your customer service platform will make life much easier on the team.

How does all this add up?

Customer service is a vital function everyday for your eCommerce business. Many of these points are clear and can be implemented easily, while the culture is something that is not as easy to implement as it sounds. Investing in your customer service will pay off with the loyalty of life-long customers.