5 Tips to Increase eCommerce Conversions with Product Photography

Posted August 29, 2016 by   in Branding, Content Marketing, eCommerce Website

When you are shopping for a product in a physical store, you can pick up the item, hold it, see the quality, the color and even test it out or try it on. When buying online, the product photographs need to do this all for you.

That’s a big job for the product photos! And studies show that nearly 70% of Americans shop regularly online. 70%. What can you do to help the shopper get the best experience they can with the product photos?

Here are 5 tips for increasing ecommerce conversions with product photography.

1. photo size and resolution

Studies suggest making your photos anywhere from 1200 to 1600 pixels wide. You can the photos to be large enough so the customer can utilize the zoom functionality and really see the image. Also note that the photo sizes should be optimized and under 200kb to keep load time down.



2. Alignment & Consistency

Keep your photos the same size and stick with a product photography template. This helps keep the images looking equal and your product grids consistent.


3. Background

Studies show that a clean, white background is recommended for the least amount of distractions. Using the same background for all images also creates a good use of consistency. 


4. Angles

Showing the front, back, 45 degree angles and left & right angle of the product help create that in-store experience, but online. Show details when appropriate. Sometime a 360 degree video is a huge help because customers can either watch a video or spin the products with their mouse to mimic holding it in their hand or walking around it. This allows them to see anything they would while looking at it in person.


5. Color Accuracy

Since your customers can’t physically see the product they are buying, it is important to show the color (and product) as accurately as possible.



What are some of your tips for increasing CRO with product photography?