6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Posted December 21, 2015 by   in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Infographic, Marketing Strategy, Social Media

Digital Marketing evolves quickly and as every year comes and goes, there are trends that emerge, whether it be certain processes to get new leads, ways to convert leads into customers or strategies to engage with your target audience to keep your brand relevant.


Mobile Apps & App Indexing

Mobile apps aren’t a new thing, but companies are developing apps instead of just optimizing for mobile only. Google app indexing plays a key role as a ranking signal for how your app appears. This helps brands increase their install base and keeps users coming back.

Expansion of Social Media

Brands have been using social media as a marketing tool for awhile now, but most have relied solely on Facebook or Twitter, but have recently been targeting users on Instagram through sponsored posts on Facebook and on Snapchat through related posts.

Loyalty Programs

Brand loyalty is a waivering thing these days with such competitive pricing and offers. To battle this, some companies are implementing consumer loyalty programs to give repeat customers a reason to keep coming back through exclusive incentives.

Interactive Content

Content is still king, but users’ attention spans have shortened even more so than usual. Interactive content has emerged in the form of polls, quizzes and “best of” lists to further engagement with consumers to keep them on-site longer.

Wearable Technology (Internet of Things – IoT)

Wearable technology means that consumers might not be reaching for their phones, tablets or jumping on their desktop computers as much, meaning that if a company is not changing their marketing plans to target these users, they could be missing out on leads.

Customer Personalization

With all of the ways to gather data on a user’s location, purchasing past, search history, device usage, and even emotion, marketers have gone from consumer-driven to consumer-obsessed by completely personalizing each point in a user’s online and/or buying journey.