6 Holiday Promotional Email Marketing Tips

Posted October 9, 2018 by   in Content Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Uncategorized

This time of year is so busy for us marketers we don’t even want to waste your time filling the intro with fluff about the importance of holiday email marketing. Just read our best 6 holiday email marketing tips and get started!




The first step to a successful holiday email season is planning. Make sure you start early. This means you should start building your holiday email lists early, planning your strategy early and preparing your promotions early.

Be aware of the various holiday email promotions that you can take part in during this time of year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, etc. If you are not aware of those promotions then you cannot properly plan for them. Try to participate in as many as possible. Because even though this time of year generates quite a bit of sales for eCommerce stores, the conversion rate is still on the lower end at an average of 14%. So, the more holiday email campaigns you run during this time of year, the better chance you have at converting the sale.




Here at Springboard, we always recommend you segment your lists. Targeting specific audiences for specific campaigns/email funnels will always generate a better outcome than just blasting a generic email to your entire email list.

If you are running a sale on Women’s clothing only, it’s probably not going to do you much good to send that email to your entire list that includes all your male subscribers. By only sending that promotion to female recipients, you will boost your conversion rate, open rate, click rate and improve your sender score. Additionally, it will show that you are paying attention to your subscriber list and taking care to only send them emails they might be interested in. And what subscriber doesn’t appreciate that?

So take care to segment your email lists this holiday. Possibly by date they subscribed, loyal customers, inactive customers, etc. and only send them specific holiday email promotions that would be valuable for them.




Gift guides are genius this time of year. Do not skip the opportunity to tell your subscribers what they need to buy. Each year, we all face the difficult task of trying to find the perfect gifts. Since it doesn’t always come to us, our favorite retailers tell us what the perfect gifts might be.

Feature various gift guides in your holiday email campaigns, potentially in sync with sales. You can feature them by gender, by age, by price point (gift guides by price are typically winners), by interests based on purchase history, etc.




This is a great strategy to practice year round. Even if your sale does not necessarily end when you are proposing it does, create some urgency around the sale to encourage your recipients to convert.

For example, if you have a 20% Off sitewide sale going on that ends on November 27th. Say that the promotion ends on the 26th and then send a ‘One Day: Sale Extended’ holiday email promotion on the 27th. More recipients will convert on the 26th and you’ll have a better chance of converting those who didn’t choose to take advantage of the sale on the 26th. The extended sale may even convince those who converted the first time to purchase again!




This time of year is filled with more holidays than you probably care to know about. And with the rise in interest of internet shopping and the decline in shoppers willing to risk their lives to go to actual stores on Black Friday, you should be setting your eCommerce store up for success by participating in as many sales as possible and sending as many holiday email campaigns as possible. Even if you can’t financially run large sales or even any sales at all, make sure your brand is being seen in customer’s inboxes.

The second largest online shopping day is Cyber Monday, it used to be first but now comes second to Amazon Prime Day. Make sure you are aware of when the biggest days for online shopping are this season and run your own promotions in tandem.




Alright, now if your holiday email designs aren’t responsive we have some things to work out. In case you don’t know, responsive designs are those that can be viewed pleasantly on all platforms, such as phones, tablets, and desktops.  Your emails should look just as good when viewed on someone’s phone as they do on a desktop. If your formatting is off and the buttons are too small and it just overall doesn’t look you took much care in formatting for mobile, it will show in your conversion rates.


If you are a little overwhelmed with holiday email tasks this season and need some help, give us a call!