Be The Business You Want to Attract

Posted March 19, 2014 by   in Facebook, The Springboard Culture

We hear it all the time, “We are a company that likes to have fun.” We often speak with current and prospective website and marketing partners (clients) who face the same dilemma that we often did in the past. They want to use their website and social media profiles to portray their fun, laid-back culture. However, they struggle to define a balance that will properly portray to outside prospects that they have fun BUT work hard too. How can you overcome this?

Be Who You Want to Attract

If your business is facing the conundrum of how to mix fun and professionalism in the public eye, it is important to ask yourself one important question, “Am I/are we portraying ourselves as someone we would want to attract?”

Thomas Drier, author, writer, business theorist and advertising executive, once penned,
“The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove to be loving and friendly and helpful in return. The world is what you are.”

Put simply, it is the same premise of the law of attraction or the “like attracts like” theory. If you want your business to attract the shoe-shined, three-piece suit wearing clientele, then simply reflect that same lifestyle and culture on your social media channels and website. If you want to attract fun, laid-back clientele that truly know how to enjoy themselves during business hours, then be that on your social media channels and website.

Whatever appearance you put off, your business will attract.

leaf-fight-animation(Keep Indianapolis Beautiful – Leaf Sneak Attack)

The World is of Abundance

We realized a long time ago that we were an eclectic group of craft beer drinkin’, fatty food lovin’, Nerf gun shootin’, prank pullin’ website designers, developers and marketers. Rather than worrying about how the ‘outside world’ was going to perceive us through our silly social media photos and tweets, we decided that we were not concerned about what they thought. Why not? Because we want to work with or partner with a company or business that would scroll our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or blog and find it entertaining.

The style in which we represent ourselves is done in a way that attracts the type of people that we enjoy working with. There is a synergy that transpires when we onboard a new marketing engagement or a partner (client) for a web design project that fits culturally. It’s an energy that propels the project well before the dotted lines are signed.

Our idea of fun is apparent on our social media channels and our website. If a prospective partner (client) thinks that it is too “unprofessional” or “out there”, well, we are okay with that because that means they are not a fit within our culture anyway and nor are we within theirs – Saved both parties some valuable time.

halloween comparison(Left: Billy McAllister 2013. Right: Chad Myers, Owner, 1995 Senior Picture)

When all is said, done, and posted, just make sure you are being authentic. If you are concerned about “how you look” to the outside world, you will never be confident and people can see right through that. You do not want everyone at your party; you want the right people.