When is the Best Time to Buy SEO?

Posted September 16, 2014 by   in Google, Search Engine Marketing, SEO

I would never advise someone to buy a $1,000 car. I would also never advise someone to buy a $2,000 car. Aside from the obvious facts of why that would be a poor investment, the unwritten law of “you get what you pay for” rings ever-so-true in purchasing decisions like this. The same holds true when the time comes for your business to invest in SEO.

You will forever be bombarded with offshore link building companies that “guarantee #1 rankings” for just peanuts/month. It sounds like a deal, right? Then again, you’ve probably heard people talk about how easy it is to manage people they’ve never met who are working remotely over 2,000 miles away, right? Wrong.

Quick success, instant spikes in traffic and conversions, guaranteed #1 rankings, or any guarantees for that matter, are not what a real, reputable, respected SEO company would ever offer. SEO is a marathon. There is nothing quick, easy or instantaneous about it. Anyone who is telling you otherwise is simply taking advantage of your lack of expertise in the Internet marketing field and obviously has no intention of recurring business.

So, When Is The Best Time To Buy SEO?

The best time for your business to “buy SEO” is when you have $3,000 – $10,000/month to invest in a marketing initiative that will not begin to start returning a positive ROI for 8-12 months. Plain-and-simple. Proper “SEO” is far more than what it used to be and the rewards for the hard work take time.

Think of your website as scraggly, 100-pound person with aspirations of weightlifting at a competitive level. It is going to take months/years it to be able to truly compete at any level. Expecting to have ridiculous muscles (traffic) bulging in just a few short months is unrealistic so having expectation like those will just leave you feeling burned and disappointed. The fact is that your competition has already been in the gym bulking up their link profile, content, whitepapers, social profiles, and garnering brand advocates and online influencers since 2010. You’re not going to catch up to them in a matter of months. Maybe not even for a few years. So, what are you to do? Quit? Say the hill to climb is too high and you’ll invest in SEO “next year” and give your competition another year at the gym? No. Just because you’re not as big or as agile as your competition doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in the gym getting stronger. There will constantly be progress being made, but it will be incremental.

If your business can only afford $500/month for SEO services, my best advice is to spend none of that and put it in a “SEO Savings Account” for a later date.  If it is truly an area of Internet marketing that you want for your business, you will find a way to pay for it. Keep in mind that a $10,000 car will get you where you want to go more often, more reliably and faster than a $2,000 care ever will, generally speaking. In this life, you get what you pay for.  SEO is no different.