How to Create an Effective Landing Page

Posted July 27, 2016 by   in Branding, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, User Experience

You’ve generated all kinds of traffic to your site, but your visitors aren’t converting. What gives?

There could be any number of reasons why site users may not be converting to potential leads, but a safe place to start is by evaluating your landing page. By taking a look at your pages, you can determine if they have all the essential elements needed to generate a highly converting landing page. The overall flow of every landing page should involve offering a helpful service, generating creditability and then persuading your visitor that your company is the right resource to trust.

Before you start evaluating your landing pages, consider your overall goal, your target audience and the product or service you are trying to sell. These elements will help you decide which direction you should go when considering different landing page optimization tactics.

Here are eight essential elements to consider when creating a landing page:

Use a Strong Headline and Persuasive Subheading
Starting off the page with strong headline will set the tone for the entire visitor experience. The goal is to be straight forward and clear about what the page content entails. The headline should be a declarative statement that details exactly what is to be expected below on the page. Then, the subheadline should follow up with a persuasive and convincing appeal to the user.

Place the Conversion Form Above the Fold
Usually the purpose of a landing page is to capture user information. Whether the goal is to capture an email address or user intent information, it is important to capture it as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is by having the conversion form at the top of the page.  On average, 84% of people drop off after scrolling past the fold. Knowing that your only goal for this page is to capture user information, it is best practice to place the conversion form above the fold. Cluttering the page with too much information or content that pushes the form further down the page can hinder conversions and potential inquiries.

Monitor Form Length
When creating a conversion form, consider the kind of leads you want to generate. Are you looking to acquire a small amount of high quality leads? Or a bounty of low quality leads? If your goal is to get as many people on the phone as possible, you will want to create short forms gathering only the contact information that is necessary.  If your focus is to generate a high quality, sales-ready lead, you will want to create a more extensive form that gathers as much information as possible about buyer intent.

Have a Clear CTA
Your landing page form should have a simple, action-oriented, CTA button. It is important to be clear about what you want the user to do. Use copy like, “Sign Up Today” or “Download Now”. Using a contrasting color scheme can help draw attention to the CTA button as well.

Offer Helpful and Explanatory Content
After a strong headline and a clear conversion form at the top of the page, it is time to give the user a value proposition. Tell them how you will be able to help them and why your company or brand should be trusted. Check out this post for inspiration. This content should be benefit-focused or feature-focused to help build credibility. Adding testimonials is another way to generate trust and credibility on the landing page. Try reaching out to happy customers who may be willing to write a positive review.

Use Pictures
Using pictures on your landing page is a way to relate to your site visitor. It is easier for a user to relate to a picture rather than to text.  Pictures are processed more quickly than content as well which allows a connection to your brand to be made faster.

Enticing your site visitors to convert can be difficult. Overall, if you start with a helpful service, continue with your company’s benefits and follow through with these eight effective landing page tips, you will be well on your way to high converting landing pages. Check out this article for more landing page tips.

This is our top list of effective landing page essentials, what are yours? If you are struggling with conversions, don’t hesitate to reach out – we would love to help!