Why Do a Discovery?

Posted September 2, 2014 by   in Client Communication, Marketing Strategy, Web Design Strategy

Why Discovery?

First off, what is a “Discovery”? 

A Discovery is a process that we embark on as a team (that includes you!) to get to know your business better. Website aside, we need to know who are you as a business. That means everything from what your goals are; who your audience is; the information your audience is seeking; how your company operates; what your company culture is; what you project to your audience vs. what they hear or see vs. what Google says; to where you stand in a competitive review.

Ultimately, we are trying to soak up as much as we can about you so we are aligned from the very beginning. But this isn’t just about us getting to know you, it’s also about you reflecting on yourselves and realizing some truths that may be interesting or relevant to your overall business goals….goals that you may never have been aware of or thinking of otherwise.

The Springboard Discovery Process is held over 4 Sessions with the following agenda:

Session 1: Discover the Business

WHO’S IN THE SESSION? — Your Executive and Marketing Team and Our Team

  • Defining Your Business Goals & Objectives
    • Internet marketing goals
    • Website objective
    • Why change is necessary
  • Target Audience Definition
    • Industries
    • Influencers
    • Decision Makers
    • Information your audience wants/needs
    • Define how you want your audience to engage

Session 2: Discover the Brand

WHO’S IN THE SESSION? — Your Executive Team, Marketing Team, and Select Staff and Our Team

  • Internal Assessment of the Brand
    • Executive Team Interviews
    • Marketing Team Interviews
    • Staff Interviews
  • External Assessment of the Brand
    • Client Interviews
    • Prospective Client Interviews
    • Digital Reviews (BBB, Yelp, etc)
  • Digital Assessment of the Brand
    • Branded search results for your business name and/or key Executives
    • Search engine rankings for target topics / services



  • Marketing Asset Review
  • Website Audit
  • Competitive Analysis

Session 3: Discover the Competition

WHO’S IN THE SESSION? — Your Marketing Team and Our Team

  • Competitor Marketing Assessment
    • Value Proposition & Messaging Review
  • Competitor Content Assessment
    • Key messaging, terms, topics, and call-to-actions

Session 4: Summary & Recommendations

WHO’S IN THE SESSION? — Your Marketing Team and Our Team

  • Website Recommendations and Strategy Outline
    • Sitemap
    • Navigation / menu items
    • Design standards
    • Key content or messaging 
    • Features and functionality for website
  • Marketing Campaign Recommendations and Execution Outline
    • Proposed tactics and metrics for measuring
    • Parameters of campaigns (timeframe, cost, roles, and responsibilities)

Where is the Value in a “Discovery”?

I’m glad you asked. While the topics we cover seem pretty cut-and-dry, we often find that different members of your team will have very different answers. This helps to highlight the need to align the true goals within the company itself – not just for the website but the entire business. This is incredibly valuable because, together, we can properly assess aspects of the overall project even more accurately from the very beginning of the partnership. There is also an unpredictable amount of time, stress and energy saved as the project develops that may have come to light at the later stages without a discovery process.

Think of the Discovery process as if we’re creating a map of the land before you even begin to chart your journey through it. It’s easier to navigate the terrain when you know what to expect. Hours, days, even months can be saved by simply knowing what obstacles to plan for or avoid altogether.

A Successful Discovery

When all things are said and done, a successful Discovery is one that leads to a crystal-clear understanding. It’s our team understanding your business, inside and out. It’s your team understanding that we are genuinely interested in growing your business – because the Discovery process is very much hands-on. We get up close and personal, sometimes asking some challenging questions, and pushing you to truly assess yourselves. We set goals together – most are realistic, and others are optimistically ambitious. 

A successful Discovery gives everyone involved the tools and knowledge to make informed, conscious decisions about how to proceed next. And be prepared to have your cheese moved. There have been Discoveries that don’t even result in a website. Say what!?