What is an eCommerce Email Marketing Agency?

Posted July 30, 2018 by   in Branding, Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Goodbye brick and mortar, shoppers now prefer to buy online. Not only do people prefer online shopping, but eCommerce stores are actually more profitable. This shift in the retail industry has flooded the internet with entrepreneurs opening up shop. But it’s not enough to just set your site live and wait for sales. A very important aspect of any business is marketing, but how do you market for a store that’s online? Unfortunately, you can’t have a dancing man with a sandwich sign on in front of your store that’s only located on the Internet. This is where eCommerce email marketing comes in play.  One of the best ways to market for a store that has no physical location (even for stores that have physical locations and an online presence) is through email marketing. This is because you can reach target customers wherever they are, at all times.

However, eCommerce email marketing requires much more work than it might seem. When done correctly, eCommerce email marketing can drive 25% of your total revenue and return a 7x ROI. Not everyone has the knowledge to set up a successful eCommerce email marketing system; this is where eCommerce email marketing agencies help out.

eCommerce email marketing agencies do much more than just send emails. Assisting a company with their eCommerce email marketing efforts is a science. To understand the totality of what eCommerce email marketing agencies do, let’s break it down into four processes.



After an eCommerce email marketing agency has confirmed a client, they will immediately start understanding the brand, the industry, target market, audience behavior, current sales, target sales, etc. Basically, they will run an in-depth business analysis to understand how to properly market the company for maximum sales.

Once the business analysis is complete, a custom plan is created to maximize the efforts put in by the eCommerce email marketing agency that will return the most on investment for the client. This plan is broken down into phases, the first of which is setting up the email marketing platform.

Setting up the platform is a long overhaul. Especially if the company is migrating from one email platform to another. Switching platforms can include exporting all the contacts and importing them to the new one, entering sales data, connecting with the website and inventory platform, integrating any third party apps, etc. This is a very ‘touchy’ part of the setup process, even a small mistake can negatively affect sales.



The next part of the process is building and sending. For this article, the term building can mean anything from designing a single campaign to constructing complex email drips. The build phase relies heavily on the initial setup phase.

Email drips will be created based on what the individual company’s needs are. If they are seeing high amounts of visitors adding items to their shopping cart then abandoning the cart during check-out, the eCommerce email marketing agency will build an Abandoned Checkout email funnel. If there are large amounts of visitors adding items to their cart but not even making it to the check-out page, the eCommerce email marketing agency will build a Cart Abandonment email funnel. There are a plethora of email funnels that an eCommerce email marketing agency constructs to best suit the needs of the company. (To learn more about email funnels click here.)

In the build and send phase, campaigns are also planned based on what the target audience wants to see, what discounts the company can offer, the time of day their audience is most likely to shop and many other factors that can impact the effectiveness of the send.



Once the email funnels and campaigns have been planned, designed and sent, eCommerce email marketing agencies measure the data from the sends. This analysis stage usually happens a minimum of one month after the first sends. The month waiting period ensures there is enough data to render accurate averages.

The eCommerce email marketing agency will analyze who is opening the emails and at what time, to ensure they are sending to the right people at the right time. They will also analyze email performance for open rates and click rates, to make sure the subject line is appealing enough to open and that the design is enticing enough to make recipients want to click, and essentially purchase. Additionally, they will measure product performance to better understand what to advertise and offer discounts for in future emails.

A full overhaul of data will be measured against the initial business analysis to understand where the company has made progress and where there are still weaknesses.



The last aspect of this process is to improve. The measuring phase is extremely important because it allows the eCommerce email marketing agency to make critical adjustments that will improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the email marketing system. Even a minor improvement, such as swapping out product advertisements in an email funnel could be thousands of additional dollars to the company’s bottom line.

The process does not stop at improvement because this four-stage process is more like a cycle. Right after the improvements are decided upon the eCommerce email marketing agency will go right back to the build and send phase, then the measuring phase again and to making improvements once more.



Email marketing is much more of a science than it may lead itself on to be. Contrary to popular belief, it is much more than just designing and sending emails. Since email marketing is so critical to the success of an eCommerce store, it is important to do it right. If your online store isn’t attributing 25% of revenue to email marketing, you may be missing out on lost revenue. Want to know more? Schedule a consultation with Springboard, the eCommerce email marketing experts!