Email Address Capture Tools: Privy vs. Justuno

Posted August 31, 2017 by   in Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing

In the world of ecommerce marketing, pop ups and interstitials are being discussed more and more as integral tactics in advanced marketing strategies. They are being used so much, in fact, that Google implemented pop up rules and guidelines tempering their use at the beginning of this year. While following the appropriate display rules, pop ups can be the sole driver of email leads.

But with so many options out there for ecommerce marketers, how do you choose the right email capture tool? We have tested quite a few options over the years at Springboard and have found two favorites, Privy and Justuno. Read further to explore the pros and cons we have outlined for each of these major email capture tools.  

What we like:

    • The Robust Spin to Win Feature: The Spin to Win option is a feature that both tools offer, however, Privy offers a few more detailed benefits. With this ecommerce marketing tool, you are able to choose multiple “winners”. Meaning, you can choose a variety of discounts to be available to win as well as weight them according to how you would like to distribute them to shoppers. For example: You may have a 10% off coupon displayed twice on the wheel, while your 15% off coupon is displayed once. You can then set how often the wheel should land on the 15% off coupon vs. the 10% off coupons. We have implemented this feature on a few of our internal ecommerce stores and have seen an increase in email signup rate from 4.99% to 11.56%. That is an increase of 232%.
    • The Ability to Immediately Track Shopping Behavior in Klaviyo: This is a biggie for our clients. We build a lot of automated flows using Klaviyo as part of many of our ecommerce marketing strategies. In order for certain flows (browse abandonment) to trigger, shopping behavior needs to be tracked immediately after email capture. This helps feed our whole email flow system in a positive way. If you use automated flows with Klaviyo, this is a major point you should consider.
    • The Great View of Pop Up Logic: Privy provides a great high-level view of the logic put in place for each pop up. Some email capture tools provide wonky views that require quite a few clicks to view the logic set for the campaign, but Privy shows this data in a clean and concise way.
    • The Slick View of All Campaigns: Privy offers a high level “card” view of all live and paused campaigns. This is a great feature because you see a little snippet of the design as well as the name of the campaign. Other tools use a listview that can be confusing and require you to spend lots of time on naming conventions of each campaign.
    • The Cost: Privy offers a variety of pricing options that are feature based. Ranging from free versions to a $199 plan, Privy offers a plan that would fit almost any marketing budget. Note: In order to integrate with Klaviyo to immediately track shopping behaviors, the $199 plan is required.Privy cost


What we don’t like:

    • The Mobile Post Engagement Windows: One of the most frustrating elements of Privy is the post-purchase engagement screen on mobile. Despite how it is designed to comply with Google’s interstitial rules, the post engagement screen displays in a static position in the middle of the mobile screen. This creates a disconnected brand experience and poor UX for the shopper.
    • The Pop Up Builder. While still effective, the Privy pop up builder is slightly less intuitive than JustUno’s. It also is a little bit more difficult to access from the main dashboard. It requires three to four clicks to actually view your pop up design.
    • The A/B Testing Experience: Right now Privy A/B testing is Beta, so it’s not a totally refined experience. The biggest qualm we have with it is that the “B” variation must be designed within the A/B testing screen. You cannot copy two existing popups into an experiment. This creates duplicate work and slows efficiencies on this ecommerce marketing initiative. Additionally, you cannot feed each of your tests into separate lists within your email marketing platform (i.e. Klaviyo). Currently, both variations must be tied to the same list.
    • The Mobile Pop Up Experience: When using Privy, you cannot create a different mobile and desktop version of your campaign. There is not an option to create different device designs within the campaign. This creates frustratingly limited display options on mobile.


What we like:

    • The Ability to Immediately Track Shopping Behavior in Klaviyo:  As I mentioned earlier in the post, this was a major decision factor for us as an ecommerce marketing agency. Recently, Justuno has enabled their email capture tool to directly track shopping behavior in Klaviyo as well. This is a major pro for our clients using Klaviyo automated flows, specifically browse abandonment.
    • The Slick Pop Up Builder: Not only is the pop up builder easy to access from the main dashboard, it is incredibly intuitive. Almost any member of your marketing team can use the tool, not just developers and designers. This allows for efficiencies in the pop up design and building process.
    • The Advanced Logic Opportunities: Since any level of the Justuno package gives you access to all ecommerce marketing features, this tool presents quite a few opportunities to use advanced logic despite the level of traffic to your store. The rules dashboard is easy to use and provides quite a few options for clever use. Some of our favorites include: URL based rules, visit frequency, user engagement, and past order rules.
    • The Mobile Pop Up Experience: Justuno does allow different pop up designs to be created based on device within the same campaign. This is great for a variety of reasons including the ability to track engagement and complying with Google’s pop up regulations.


What we don’t like:

  • The Cost Structure: Justuno’s payment model is based on visitors instead of features. This means that stores with all levels of varying traffic get the full set of platform features. This is great for ecommerce stores just starting out, but a little more challenging for established stores with lots of traffic. This payment method has proven to be more expensive for our internal stores, which places this point in the con column.Justuno cost example

  With pop ups being used so widely in ecommerce marketing strategies, it is incredibly important that you choose the correct tool for your store’s unique use. There are pros and cons to every tool, but Privy and Justuno are two strong players that have proven to be quite effective in our quest to acquire and convert shoppers.

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