Experiencing Your Brand As a Consumer

Posted December 18, 2014 by   in Branding, Client Communication

Sometimes, it can be difficult to take a step back and look at your brand from a consumer’s perspective. When you’re in the trenches of your business every day, you can easily develop tunnel vision and fail to notice all of the small, yet important, interactions that a consumer can have with your brand. From start-to-finish, your brand’s touchpoints and interactions need to be buttoned-up, intentional, consistent and perceived as a vital aspect of a consumer’s experience with your brand. We recently took an inventory of all the touchpoints consumers, partners and the general public has with our brand. It is important to realize that each interaction throughout the consumer lifecycle is an opportunity for us to position ourselves and create a brand experience.

We started with a list of all our touchpoints, mapping every step a potential or current partner could take. We then categorized them into general touchpoints, beginning an engagement, nurturing the engagement and closing the chapter on an engagement.

It is paramount that each interaction be meaningful and consistent. Take a snapshot of your website, advertisements, emails, social profiles, packaging, email signatures, business cards, product inserts, sales collateral, etc. Are these pieces consistent and portraying the image you want? How would your consumer perceive each piece?

Beginning an engagement

On average, a consumer will interact with your brand 12 times before converting or making a purchase. A sample conversion path could look like this:


If your touchpoints aren’t giving off the same vibe or tone, then your brand becomes diluted.

Nurturing the engagement

Conversions are important, like first impressions, but every touchpoint after initial engagement needs to deliver on that conversion promise. Everything from meeting agendas, reports, invoices to style boards are designed to align with messaging and personality. We’re an internet marketing company which means we value a 21st century start-to-finish digital experience. Everything from sales sheets to leave behinds should always be at hand with a click. Don’t forget about the intangible touchpoints. One large and fun touch point for us is meetings with our partners. We make sure to represent who we are by bringing in the team members necessary. If that means half our team, we don’t hesitate to make that happen.

General touchpoints

When it comes to your brand, the small details matter. Think of the small touches we love in our favorite apps and the pleasure it can give us. Would Twitter be as good without the little chirp? Nailing a detail reminds our customer why they chose us, every single time. Out of office emails, the look and feel of your office space, even 404 pages, are all opportunities to give detail that could bring a customer closer. Showing our personality is a huge part of our brand, and our 404 page agrees:


Closing a chapter

Celebrate your successes and always offer more support. Remind the consumer why they began engaging with you in the first place. The opportunities to impress customers all over again is why we offer a support system that is open to our partners whenever they need us. Involving our partners in our excitement brings everyone closer.



Planning through all the steps of an engagement can make a powerful difference. Take the time to go through and experience your brand as a customer or consumer. Try and look at your product and brand with new eyes. How do you want to feel with each step? What do you want to experience at that step? Now, put back on your design, engineering, logistics, whatever pants, because it’s time to bring your brand in line with your experiential insight. Bring the customer as close to that vision quest as you can, because that’s where meaningful experiences begin.