Gmail’s Priority Inbox

Posted March 23, 2011 by   in Email Marketing

Gmail users – Your Email Will Never Be the Same.

Gmail has a feature called Priority Inbox, which automatically sorts your “important” emails to the top. The basic idea is that Gmail will prioritize email from senders that you interact with the most.

In order to predict which messages are important to you, Gmail uses some of the same technology that it uses to weed spam out of your Inbox. To predict which of your incoming messages are important, Gmail automatically takes into account a number of signals, including:

* Who sent the email (For example, if you email Bob a lot, it’s likely that messages from Bob are important.)
* What terms it includes (If you always read messages about soccer, a new message that contains those same soccer words is more likely to be important.)
* The actions that help us determine which people/terms are important to you include: replying, using stars, archiving, deleting (Messages you star are probably more important than messages you archive without opening.)

This is all done automatically, and no humans ever read your mail.

The takeaway for email marketers? Well, it’s kind of the same old story. Send awesome emails. If your recipients are more engaged and interact with your emails more often, you get priority. Here are some tips for sending more engaging emails…

  • Get to know your engaged subscribers – segment, segment, segment
  • Be more human, get more replies – be personal, not to “corporate”
  • Write effective subjects lines – They won’t engage, if they don’t open it
  • Test, test, test – if you email isn’t tested against the SPAM filters, it may not even get delivered