Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” Algorithm Update is Coming

Posted April 14, 2015 by   in Google, Search Engine Marketing, SEO

For probably the first time in the company’s history, Google has given everyone an advanced notice (several, actually) that a major algorithm change is on the horizon. Unlike any of their past algorithm updates, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc., that “shook” the entire web and turned internet marketing “strategies” on their proverbial heads with no warning, Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” Update is coming on April 21st. Whether you are ready or not, what SEO experts are calling “Mobilegeddon” is on its way to search results near you.

How Does The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update Affect Me?

Assuming that your website is not “responsive” or “mobile-friendly”, the severity the algorithm update is going to have on your website truly depends on how much traffic your website receives from a mobile source. As a rule-of-thumb, if mobile traffic represents less than 10% of your total traffic, you shouldn’t fret too much. If mobile traffic accounts for 10-20% of your website traffic, you are going to feel the algorithm change
the next time you are in Google Analytics. If mobile traffic accounts for more than 20% of your website traffic, well, April 21st is going to be a very memorable day for you.

Is This Going To Impact All of My Traffic?

Like almost anything Google does or changes, we can only speculate the true impact it is going to have. However, most experts and Google, alike, already acknowledged that there is a different algorithm in place for desktop searches and mobile searches, “Mobilegeddon” should only affect the search results for Users searching via a mobile device. Basically, mobile searches and desktop searches are treated very differently.

My Site is Already “Responsive/Mobile-Friendly”, Am I Safe?

Thankfully, there is a really simple answer that question – maybe. Google has publicly released a “Mobile-Friendly Test” where you can simply insert your URL/website and it will analyze your website based on mobile-friendliness. Based on its analysis, it will return actionable suggestions for you, or your Webmaster, to improve the mobile experience of your website.

If your website passed the Mobile-Friendly Test with flying colors, give yourself a high-five. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, consider implementing some of these more advanced SEO suggestions on your website.

Is This good or bad?

Neither; It’s GREAT! Long gone are the days going to be where you performed a search on Google, clicked on a result and had to pinch and zoom to find what you were looking for on the page. Also, websites that have really small navigation/menus, see ya’ later!


Overall, this has been a long time coming and should not really surprise anyone. Year-over-year, mobile searches have been increasing significantly and the lifeblood of Google is the experience the User has with their product – the search engine.

If you are worried about how this is going to impact you website, you should first check and see how much of your website traffic is from a mobile source. Second, you should then run your website through the Mobile-Friendly Test. Lastly, if you are still concerned, you should either contact your Webmaster to make the suggested changes from the Mobile-Friendly Test results or contact a local web design company to kick-off your long overdue responsive website build.

While you may be late for the party, you don’t have to miss the whole thing.