How to Build a Klaviyo Promotional Email

Posted September 17, 2018 by   in Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Setting up a Klaviyo promotional email campaign can be daunting at first. Where do you start? What if you don’t have any emails? What is my goal, what is my strategy, how do I measure my performance? It is easy to get lost in the questions and miss a very critical step in the Klaviyo set up the process.

Luckily, Klaviyo has us covered and has made our lives (as email marketers) easy. Klaviyo strives to make every aspect of their platform user-friendly. So whether you have integrations, are trying to set a contact form, running Klaviyo promotional email campaigns and measuring performance; they have the easiest way to do it.

Additionally, we are here to help you out. We have put together a full guide on what you need to do to create, run and measure a successful promotional campaign within Klaviyo.



If you are lucky, you already have an email address list of individuals who are interested in your brand. If so, way to go! That will save you some time and give you a great head start on your Klaviyo promotional email marketing efforts. Make sure those addresses are properly imported into your Klaviyo account as profiles and segment them if you need to.

But even if you have a list, to begin with, you should always be capturing more email addresses to increase the number of individuals you promote to – which will ultimately increase sales. There are a few ways to capture emails within Klaviyo. You can use the Klaviyo contact form within the Klaviyo platform itself, or you can use an email capture pop-up add-on, such as JustUno. Regardless of which route you choose, you will still have to add some custom code to your site.

If you go the JustUno route, here are some simple instructions to get your pop-up live:


First, click here to get started with JustUno.

1. Create a Promotion
Login to your JustUno dashboard and create a new promotion. The simple drag and drop design editor makes it easy to customize your design.

2. Activate Intent
Then decide when to display your popup. Whether it is on a certain page, after a certain time period or if the user is trying to exit your site.

3. Integrate With Klaviyo
Integrating Justuno with Klaviyo is quite simple. Even though it is not one of their built-in integrations, connecting the two doesn’t take developer knowledge. For a complete step by step guide, check this page out.

4. Embed the Popup Code on your site
This step can seem complicated but is actually as simple as adding a snippet of code to your site. For a complete guide on how to enter this snippet, click here.




What is the purpose?

Do you have new products you want to promote? If there a holiday sale? Are you offering a special discount to long-time customers? Whatever the case may be, make sure you make it clear in the Klaviyo promotional email design.


What is the message?

Promotional email marketing is highly competitive and only those with clever and strategic subject lines/pre-headers will get opens. You have to try a little harder than “Hey! New Boots for Sale!” these days.

Give the recipient a reason to open the promotional email, and be honest with yourself. If you wouldn’t open the email, why should anyone else? Be clever, ask a question, state the offer in the subject line or include emojis. Think of something no one else is doing and do it. After all, if they don’t even open the email how can you expect to generate sales from it?


What is the offer?

Your Klaviyo promotional email must have something to offer the recipient to be successful. A ‘Hey how are you doing?” email will do absolutely nothing for your sales. It may build your sender score, which you could then attribute to sales down the line but for our purposes today, make sure you have an offer.

This offer can be simple. Penny pinchers, no you do not always have to give away free money. Here are some things you can offer the recipients:

  • Information (New Items, Clearance Items, etc)
  • Free Downloads
  • Discounts (Vouchers, 2 for 1, Percentage Discounts, Storewide Discounts, etc.)
  • Free Consultation
  • Hints and Tips
  • Upcoming event


What is the call to action?

Use your offer to leverage an eye-blinding call to action. The recipient should know exactly what you want them to do when they open the promotional email. If your overall purpose is to get the recipients to use a discount code, they should not have to search for the code or the link to your website to use it. That just makes it difficult to complete the sale.

Additionally, it might be a good idea, depending on your offer, to include multiple calls to action. If you are offering a sitewide sale, it might be a good idea to include multiple buttons that link to various categories on your website. This way the recipients can go straight to what appeals to them, thus reducing a step in the sales cycle.

It also might be a good idea to include actual product images and direct links to save even more steps in the sales cycle. If you are having a sale on sweaters, try including a few of you top seller in the body of the campaign by using the Klaviyo product block that will feed your Klaviyo promotional email with your eCommerce listed products. Neat, huh? Keep in mind, the fewer clicks the shopper has to make, the more sales you will get.


Are you sending a reminder?

Lastly, think long term. Or at least longer than one email send. How many emails do you open a day? Probably countless. And how many are you interested in but just don’t have time to address right now? Probably a few. And of those that you were interested in, how many do you actually remember to go back and do something with? Probably close to none.

Remember, the recipients you are sending emails to are just like you. They have busy lives, they forget things they were once interested in and they need reminders too. It is a great idea to send a slightly modified version of the promotional email to recipients a few days after sending the original.

This will increase the number of sales you would have received from just the one send and actually be a courteous reminder to those busy individuals who were once interested and just forgot.

Sometimes email marketers are reluctant to send the same email twice because it can lead to unsubscribes. But as long as you tweak the copy in the subject line and the preheader a smidge, your recipients will more times than not be grateful that you reminded them of the sale. Additionally, if it does instigate a few more unsubscribes, that’s not always a bad thing. That’s another way to weed out the recipients who are not actually interested in your brand and fewer people you are wasting resources on in future Klaviyo promotional email; which will actually increase your open and click rates in the long run.




Measure your Klaviyo promotional email performance. How is your open rate? How about your click rate? But above all, how does your revenue look from just one email send?

If you are feeling pretty good right now, congrats! But you still have some tweaking to do. Regardless of the performance of this email, you can always make improvements. If this email seemed to work, record what worked, but try to find out what didn’t.


Tweak and Repeat

Take the information you gathered from this promotional email send and use it as leverage while you create your next campaign. You will never get a perfect email send and there will always be new ways to improve your Klaviyo campaigns.

Keep checking your dashboard and keep checking your own inbox for additional features that Klaviyo implements that you could use in your next campaigns. Your audience is unique to your business so do your best to keep them interested and keep it fresh. If you do the same thing that worked once, over and over again you will lose your audience’s interest.




Building promotional email campaigns in Klaviyo can be extremely simple once you figure out your cadence. Develop a flowchart or create a checklist that will help you organize your processes as you create your next promotional content. After all, your promotional email efforts should be bringing in 20% of your total eCommerce company profits. Work hard on your email marketing to get to that point.

If you have tried email marketing on your own and are still struggling to see that 20% revenue from email, let us help!