How to Create Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

Posted August 7, 2018 by   in Ecommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy

With the ease of online shopping and adding items to your cart, there is the ease of abandoning that cart. We are all guilty of leaving behind our full carts without completing the purchase and most of us probably have the intent to eventually come back and make that purchase! We liked those items enough to hit the add to cart button, right? The store has already made us want it enough to commit to the first part of the checkout process. But, for whatever reason, we left behind the items we once desired and have not pulled the trigger.


Shopify is helping online store owners understand the reasons why people like us leave their carts and helping these online retailers recover those lost sales. Through product performance data, visitor tracking and Shopify abandoned cart emails, store owners can recover over 20% of shoppers who left their carts high and dry. If you are an online retailer looking to convert those shoppers and salvage some sales, this article is for you! In this post, we will cover the basics of abandoned cart emails, the pros of Shopify with abandoned cart emails and how you can create them!


If you own an eCommerce store, you should be utilizing Shopify. Shopify is the ultimate inventory management, sales tracking, customer analyzing tool that will take your online retail store to the next level. Shopify is the swiss army knife of eCommerce. It offers invaluable true time analytics that you can integrate and leverage within your abandoned cart funnel to increase sales. By integrating your Shopify account with your email platform, you will be able to send abandoned cart emails at the peak shopping hours for your customers, show live product images that link to the product pages with a drag of a block and track customer activity on an individual level.



One of the most important aspects of an abandoned cart email (or any email at that) is the subject line. Especially if you are trying to drive sales from that particular email, you need to be intentional with the word choice (and even emoji choices) within the subject line. After all, the first step in converting the recipient from the email is getting them to open the email in the first place. This is why open rates are so important. Typically the higher the open rate the higher the revenue from that email.


To create an enticing subject line, you should use the most valuable aspect of the email and feature it here. If you are offering a discount in the email, let the recipient know in the subject line. For example, if a 20% Off coupon code is featured in the email you could say “20% Off Gift Inside!” This lets the recipient know there is value to opening the email. Other tactics, such as purposeful vagueness (such as “Check it out! Surprise gift inside…”) and personalization (such as “Hey Brian, your 20% Off is waiting!”) are also good strategies to consider when brainstorming subject lines. Know your audience and cater to what you think they will open.



Showing product images for an abandoned cart email is a must! Show them what they wanted but left behind. This is critical to completing the sale. This not only re-entices them to be interested in purchasing those products but it shows you cared enough to “remember” what they were browsing and “save” those products for them to buy when they are ready. Another reason why the Shopify integration is so important is that it can display the exact products in carts of each individual recipient by simply adding one piece of code.

Shopify abandoned cart email example

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Who doesn’t love a good discount? Everyone loves saving money. Shopify abandoned cart emails are a great place to offer discounts. For some reason, the incentive to buy the product at full price was not enough to make the visitor complete their purchase. Most of the time, simply offering a discount on their cart will give them enough incentive to complete their transaction.


In the next section, we talk more about Shopify abandoned cart funnels. So if you end up creating a funnel that sends more than one email – try escalating the discounts. For example, you could offer no discount in the first email and just treat the first email as a reminder. Then, your second email could include a 10% discount; if they don’t purchase after the second email then you could try a 15% offer in the third.



There are a few ways to go about a sending schedule, you could just send one email to let the customer know they still have items in their cart waiting for purchase. This is a polite, yet timid, way of completing the sale. This is also not a great approach to completing the sale because customers who receive more than one abandoned cart email are 2.4 times more likely to complete their purchase than those who only received one. This means your abandoned cart email should be abandoned cart emails. So why not make it a funnel.


Shopify recommends sending one abandoned cart email a day for five days, immediately following the abandonment. Time is critical after a customer has left their cart full without purchasing. The time they are spending not purchasing your items could leave them purchasing those items from another retailer. You want to be clear in these hours to show them why they need those products they left behind and why they should buy them from you.


Regardless of if you choose to make a whole Shopify abandoned cart funnel or not, your first email should be sent no later than a few hours after they abandoned their cart. This will ensure your products are still on their mind, in case they are browsing other retailers. Additionally, this period gives them the benefit of the doubt. In case their computer crashed or they needed to leave abruptly for personal reasons, this lets them know your company cares enough about their business that you are saving those items for them as soon as they return.



Shopify is a critical tool to leverage while sending abandoned cart emails. Use the data from your platform to send dynamic emails that will recover lost sales and boost your bottom line. If you are a little overwhelmed with how to create Shopify abandoned cart emails and seeing high rates of abandonment, let us help!