How to Use a Paid Social Strategy to Drive Ecommerce Sales

Posted May 30, 2017 by   in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Website, Facebook, Marketing Strategy, PPC, Social Media

With email being the most profitable marketing channel, incorporating a paid social strategy to acquire email addresses has never been more vital to an ecommerce sales strategy. We’ve spent a lot of time this past year building out our automated email strategies, generating upwards of 40% of our internal online store revenue.

Knowing that email has the highest profitability potential, the big question is, how do you capitalize on this as a new, evolving brand?

While there are many different methods, utilizing social media advertising has been an effective strategy for our partners to increase their comprehensive email list. In one particular example, a paid social strategy grew an email list from 0 to over 800 in less than 2 months.

For new online stores, it can be difficult to grow revenue from email channels due to lack of overall site traffic and email addresses. Paid social channels present a great opportunity to begin building an automated email strategy for new brands with limited traffic.

With the appropriate ecommerce ecosystem in place, social media lead acquisition is the building block to drive sales efficiently and effectively. With a mix of an enticing hook, good ad creative on the right channels, effective targeting, and the ability to capture email leads, a paid social strategy can drive an effective ROI.

The Hook

Providing an enticing hook is vital to campaign success. Identify a product, service, or discount that is worth giving away in return for an email address. Think about what would really motivate your customers to give their email address without a second thought. Below are a few popular “hook” options that have been effective for our partners.

  • The chance to win a free product, shopping spree or store credit
  • Free online class/workshop
  • Free samples
  • High value, downloadable resource
  • Discount

paid social advertisement

The Channels

There’s no shortage of social channels to choose from when crafting your paid social strategy. While the right social channel largely is based on your target audience, we’ve found the sweet spot with three in particular: Pinterest, Instagram, and of course, Facebook.



For one partner in particular, 46 & Spruce, we used a product giveaway as the hook.


facebook-conversion-rate instagram-conversion-rate pinterest-conversion-rate

In this example we are referring to conversions as email submissions.  37.3% of Pinterest landing page traffic entered the giveaway and 28.3% of Instagram traffic entered their email address. Lastly, Facebook’s traffic offered their email 13.9% of the time. This means our most effective channel for this particular incentive is Pinterest, closely followed by Instagram. In less than two months, we generated over 750 email addresses through paid social channels alone.


Using a product giveaway as our hook, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook have proven to be effective lead generators. You will need to test your hook with your target audience to determine which channel will have the most effect at the lowest cost per email address.

Do you need help acquiring email addresses to make your email automation more profitable? Are you considering a paid social strategy but not sure where to start?

We can help!