The Springboard Team’s Favorite Christmas Traditions

Posted December 20, 2013 by   in The Springboard Culture

The holiday season has always been a favorite time of the year for me. I get wrapped up in the shopping, gift wrapping, decorating and, of course, eating cookies. There always seems to be an absurd amount of cookies in the office and somehow they also follow me home.

The holiday spirit begins a bit earlier in the office since we have a few e-commerce clients. We get wrapped into the holiday shopping season preparing our clients for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday deals well before December.

We get a head start with the Christmas cheer since we start planning and scheduling the holiday sales, graphics and Christmas theme needs for our clients. Sometimes we get started in September, but heaven forbid I play Christmas music that early!

This time of year is busy around the office as we finish up projects and prepare for time away from our computers to time spent with family. Springboard is always closed from Christmas Day through New Years Day as we believe that this time of the year should be spent with the ones we love. And not that we don’t love each other here, but this means our (other) family 🙂

I love knowing what everyone is up to during the holiday break and what they are going to be doing while we are apart. I mean, we are a close little family here and time away feels like time away from close friends. Although, I don’t think I’ll miss Chad shooting me with his Nerf gun over Christmas break (as he is currently aiming right above my head).

Here are some of our favorite holiday memories and traditions:

All of us know, individually, what is important to us during the holidays. What we didn’t know though was what’s important to each team member during the holiday season, so we went around the table during Team Lunch on Wednesday and shared our favorite holiday traditions and fondest memories.

Chad: Growing up we would routinely gather as a family for dinner. We’d have pizza from Volcano Pizza in Elkhart, Indiana and head to church for Christmas Eve service. Food is a big deal in our family and there’s always plenty of treats around. One of my favorites has been made for years by my grandmother and now my mother – whiskey balls. I’ll have to get the recipe from my mother and post it here in a comment.

As the years have passed and we’ve had kids of our own, the traditions have changed a bit. With a 5 and 3 year old, as of late a tradition for me seems to be staying up until the early hours of the morning assembling gifts for the kids. Always takes twice as long as you think!

Jessica: My favorite Christmas memory from my childhood is when my brother got a 4-wheeler for Christmas one year and took me for a ride. During the ride, he ran over my leg when I bounced off the 4-wheeler — sending me flying through the air in front of his path. Realizing I was no longer on the back, he came to a quick stop…directly on top of my leg. The ultimate Christmas miracle was that I walked away from the ordeal unscathed.

Allison: My favorite Christmas tradition is going to one of our favorite restaurants in my hometown for Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner, we head to my parent’s house and decorate cookies until we head to Christmas Eve mass. After we get home from mass it’s officially Christmas day so my mom always has each of us open 1 present. She gets to choose what present we open and it’s always pajamas. If you’re lucky, you get Christmas themed pajamas.

Ken: Lynn and I stay up all night on Christmas Eve playing video games and eating. Once it gets to midnight, we exchange all of our Christmas gifts. Our living room turns into pure chaos as midnight hits. We go to bed and get to wake up and remember all of the awesome gifts we just opened.

Aubrey: Every year, Trey’s parents (my significant other) and their dogs come up from Georgia and stay with us the week of Christmas. Then, on Christmas morning, we wake up super early and let Leo (Trey’s son) open his presents from Santa and all of us. Then, after breakfast, we go to my parents and open presents with them. While my stepmom cooks Christmas dinner/lunch, we watch The Christmas Story. We don’t really have a set Christmas tradition, but since Trey and I both have several different families and Leo spends the later half of Christmas with his mom, our tradition almost becomes a race to see as many family members as we can in one day!

Billy: Every year when all of the presents are stacked up, I separate all of them by recipient and hand them out one by one. Well, I pretty much manage the entire unwrapping process! It’s not that micro-managing is a strong quality of mine, but I think this habit began as a child so that I could ensure that we were all getting the same amount of presents.

Randy: My favorite Christmas memory happened in 2011. It was when we sat down as a family and listened to my 92-year-old grandfather tell stories from his childhood. It’s something I will cherish forever. And of course there is the food. You knew I’d mention food. Oh, yeah! All that sugary stuff that isn’t good for your waistline, but tastes fantastic. Count me in. There’s just something magical about Christmas. Best of all, I’m glad to know the Reason for the season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Springboard Marketing team! We look forward to what’s to come in 2014! 

from left to right: Ken, Jessica, Allison, Aubrey, Billy, Randy, and Chad.