The Buyer’s Journey: Influences of Purchasing

Posted December 1, 2015 by   in eCommerce Website, Infographic

Multiple factors influence the buyer’s decision to purchase online. These ecommerce credibility attributes are woven throughout varying stages in the buyer’s journey, from prospect to customer and are highlighted below.

Our list includes:


Buyers want to know that the site is secure when using their credit cards. Important factors include padlock URLs, PayPal icons, credit card icons and security badges.


What makes the buyer buy from your site versus another? Incentives like free shipping offers, same day shipping or discounts on products help the buyer make the choice to go through with their purchase.


Buyers need to trust your brand. They expect a quality product with a secure purchase.Brand assets such as reviews, phone number for customer service, address and live chat boost the trust level.

Trust Content

Be clear on who you are and what your policies are. If the buyer gets an item that they need to return, is the process clearly listed? Give buyers clear shipping policy content, clear return/refund policy content. Also, tell them about yourself and maybe even include some FAQs.


If the buyer gets to the cart page, they have made it through the journey, but they still need to finalize their purchase. Give them some extras at the cart page to ensure the final purchase. These can include clearly showing the expected delivery date, giving them a return policy link, customer service link and FAQs.