VERGE Members Anxiously Await PERQ Launch Party

Posted November 18, 2013 by   in Indianapolis Businesses

If you’ve never attended a VERGE event or it has been a while since your last one, November’s Pitch Night is one you should pencil into your schedule. November’s VERGE Pitch Night is set to include scooters, punching bags, putting greens and beer? Well, the beer is nothing new, but everything else just may be a first for a VERGE event.

PERQ’s New Office

If you haven’t seen PERQ’s new office or had the opportunity to tour it yourself, this is your chance! There is little doubt that PERQ’s new 30,000 square foot office could win the coolest office in Indianapolis award. In fact, anywhere there are Razor scooters for traveling across the office, taps dispensing some of Indiana’s finest beers, a gym complete with treadmills, free weights, a basketball court and punching bags, it automatically wins a few rounds in the coolest office competition.


(Employee Gym)

Aside from the entertainment feature of the office, the new space includes 13 meeting/collaboration rooms, 2,000 square feet of whiteboard space and a media studio for webinars, podcasts and video conferencing. What’s even more interesting is how much crossover there is between the office design and PERQ’s culture.  Every aspect of the new office fits under one of their four pillars of company culture: Magnetism, Competitive Greatness, Savvy, Grit. How so? You will have to come out for those details!


(PERQ’s Media Studio)

Full Circle Fireside Chat

This month’s Fireside Chat is undoubtedly something to be cherished by the Verge community. Scott Hill, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of PERQ, spoke at the first Verge event several years ago and returns along with his business partner, Andy Medley, Co-founder and President of PERQ, to speak about their journey to the anxious Indianapolis community.

A lot has changed since Scott spoke at the first Verge event. His company surpassed $30 million in annual revenue in 2012 and recently created one of the most desirable workspaces in the state. In fact, Scott will be pitching PERQ’s newest technology, FATWIN. The event will also serve as the official launch of their rebrand and consolidation of CIK Enterprises to PERQ.

Join the Party

As companies like CIK Enterprises/PERQ continue to transform the landscape of Indianapolis tech community, you’re invited to participate at the official Launch Party on Wednesday, November 20, from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

Reserve your spot at The PERQ Launch Party while tickets are still available.